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    Gas storage system

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While hydrogen gas is used continuously during operation carbon dioxide and nitrogen are used during shutdown and startup. CO2 because of its heavy weight is used to remove H2 from generator; it is injected from above to form a layer which moves down to remove H2 from system. N2 is used to purge the natural gas lines. Another important role for carbon dioxide is its use in the anti fire system of the power station.
Nitrogen and carbon dioxide are stored in seamless steel cylinders under high pressure, cylinders are placed together in racks having one common manifold, the 24 bottle racks are the most commonly used, because of its suitable weight and dimensions and its large capacity, the 30 bottle rack and 16 bottle rack are less common .
The relatively low pressure systems of bulk gas storage in cryogenic tanks are not recommended in power station because they cannot stand gas loss during the long duration of storage needed which may extend for many months until the power station is forced to shut down.